What are the Off-Road Features of the 2022 Ford Bronco?

Rear side view of Bronco parked on dirt

Few SUVs were made for off-roading, quite like the 2022 Ford Bronco. Just one look at its rugged exterior confirms as much. It’s more than it looks, though, as the Ford Bronco contains many advanced features that allow it to succeed when the going gets tough. This durable and capable Ford SUV is ready to hit the trails with generous breakover angles, ground clearance and water fording, along with high-strength underbody protection, a HOSS suspension and the ability to quickly adapt to the conditions below with a simple button push. Read on with our team at Summit Ford as we outline all the top ways that the 2022 Ford Bronco is an off-road winner.


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Breakover Angles, Ground Clearance & Water Fording

The 4-door Bronco Raptor featuring the Raptor HOSS 4.0 system demonstrates the SUV’s prime ability to take on uneven terrain thanks to its generous departure, breakover and approach angles. It sees a maximum available 40.5° departure angle, 30.8° breakover angle and a 47.2° approach angle, when equipped with 37-inch tires. This same Raptor edition also features a maximum ground clearance of 13.1 inches and 37 inches of water fording ability. This all adds up to you having more situations where you don’t have to go around; you can simply just go through.

Underbody Protection

The 2022 Ford Bronco is rugged in ways you won’t be able to easily see. Its underbody bash plates and shields help to protect your vital vehicle components, should you be travelling over rocky and uneven terrain that is fit to do extra damage. Side rock rails are also available to help further support the Bronco in tough conditions. Find the plates standard on Black Diamond, Badlands and Everglades models, while the fuel tank plate comes standard on 2-door editions.

  • Bash plate
  • Under Engine shield
  • Stabilize bar
  • Transfer case shield
  • Fuel tank plate
  • Tow hooks
Close-up of Bronco front parked on rocky terrain

HOSS Suspension

There are four available suspension systems on the Ford Bronco, depending on the trim. These HOSS (High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension) systems are specifically-tuned to ensure your Bronco stays stable and on the ground across all types of terrain. Explore the four different levels here:

  • HOSS 1.0
      • Passive damping system
      • Twin-forged alloy A-arms (with long-travel coil-over springs)
      • HOSS-tuned heavy duty dampers (front/back)
      • 220-mm solid rear axle (with long-travel, variable rate coil-over springs)
      • Available on Base, Outer Banks, Big Bed, Black Diamond
  • HOSS 2.0
      • Passive damping system
      • Twin-forged alloy A-arms (with long-travel HOSS-tuned Bilstein position sensitive dampers and end-stop control)
      • End-stop control valves
      • Independent front suspension
      • Available on Badlands, Wildtrak, Everglades or Sasquatch package
  • HOSS 3.0
      • FOX Live Valve 3.1 internal bypass semi-active dampers
      • Front powder-coated steel bumper
      • Front steel bash plates
      • Ford Performance severe-duty steering rack (with tie rod ends)
      • Available on Wildtrak
  • HOSS 4.0
    • FOX Live Valve technology (and position-sensitive damping)
    • FOX Live Valve 3.1 internal bypass semi-active dampers
    • Integrated front reservoirs
    • Remote rear reservoirs
    • Available on Raptor
Close-up of Bronco off-road switches

Off-Road Hero Switches

Depending on your trim and the options you have available to you, you can utilize the off-road hero switches to active features like front locking differential, rear locking differential, sway-bar disconnect or Trail Turn Assist just by pushing a button. The front and rear locking differentials help ensure your wheels rotate at the same speed and supply the same amount of power, no matter the uneven or slippery environment below. The stabilizer bar disconnect is perfect for those crawling on rocks, allowing your front tires to move up and down freely. Easily engage these features thanks to the Bronco’s convenient and user-focused button layout.

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Do all the above have you primed to tackle off-road terrain with full confidence? It should, and the 2022 Ford Bronco is available here at Summit Ford to help you lead the way over terrain the other vehicles would simply have to go around. Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll assist you in finding the right model for you, along with easy financing. Stay in touch with us throughout the ownership experience for top-level service, parts and accessories assistance.