Ford Revolutionizes Towing Game with 2023 SuperDuty Lineup

A 2023 Ford SuperDuty towing a heavy equipment.

2023 Ford SuperDuty Towing Accessories

The toughest jobs require the toughest and most capable pickup trucks. That is exactly the role the 2023 Ford SuperDuty lineup was built to play. For the current model year, the 2023 SuperDuty series can be equipped to pull the heaviest trailers, offer a range of digital tools and deliver one of the most comfortable passenger cabins in its class. However, it’s the array of 2023 Ford SuperDuty towing accessories and other gear that we’re here about today. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most capable lineups of trucks ever built.

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2023 SuperDuty Towing Support Systems

Let’s just get it all out there. The 2023 Ford SuperDuty has the ability to tow up to 18,143 kg (40,000 lbs.) when properly equipped. That is a lot of weight and requires extensive know-how and support. Ford has built in a lot of that support within the various systems offered by the current SuperDuty Series.

  • Available 360° Trailer Camera: Multiple cameras can be installed around the trunk and linked together to give the driver a comprehensive view of the entire area around the truck.
  • BLIS with Trailer Coverage: We can’t overstate how different towing heavy-duty loads truly is. With trailers measuring as much as 10 metres long, specialized equipment is necessary. Special towing mirrors play an important role in the BLIS system with trailer coverage.
  • Pro Trailer Hitch Assist: The available trailer hitch assist system will help the driver more easily align the hitch with the receiver on the trailer.
  • Smart Hitch: Overloading the trailer’s tongue can be extraordinarily dangerous. The available smart will provide people with very important warnings.

Trailer Navigation

GPS navigation comes with your 2023 Ford SuperDuty. It even comes with almost every smartphone you might have in your pocket. However, most GPS systems don’t take into account that you could be carrying several tonnes of cargo on a trailer. The available Trailer Navigation system offered with the latest SuperDuty model takes your trailer’s length into account and it can help avoid delays.

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