Debunking Custom Factory Order Myths

Ford truck parked in front of a mountain

With the typical vehicle production process seeing so much disruption in recent years, many big automotive manufacturers have started to highlight the benefits of custom vehicle orders. However, many vehicle shoppers still misunderstand how factory orders work, and there are many misconceptions about the process. To help clarify the way factory orders work, we’ve put together a blog post dispelling common custom vehicle order myths down below. 

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Myth #1: Custom Orders Require a Large Deposit 

Many vehicle shoppers believe they need to put down a large initial payment to secure their custom vehicle order. However, this typically is not the case. On average, drivers can expect dealerships to have a minimum initial payment requirement of $500 to $1,000 on a factory vehicle order. This allows drivers to lock in their vehicle purchase as soon as they’d like to, and then put down more money later for their down payment. 

A Ford vehicle being built by a team of automotive experts

Myth #2: Vehicle Prices are Locked In When Ordered

Some drivers express concern that once they put in a factory order for a specific make and model, they’ll be locked in and unable to take advantage of any discounts or special offers that may occur afterwards. Thankfully, when the terms of an offer changes during the waiting period, drivers who put in a custom order for a vehicle are free to choose whichever option they find preferable. 

Myth #3: Custom Orders Take a Long Time to Arrive

Although it’s true that custom vehicle orders take longer to receive than vehicles already on a dealership’s lot, that doesn’t mean drivers will have to spend an extended period of time waiting for their vehicle’s arrival. While waiting periods for custom orders will vary by model, the majority of vehicles will only take one to two months to arrive at a dealership. At the latest, drivers can expect a factory-ordered model to arrive in six to eight months. 

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