Scheduled Maintenance at Summit Ford

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Scheduled maintenance is a vital component of effective vehicle care. Drivers who want their Ford vehicle to last for years to come should follow the recommended maintenance schedule outlined in their vehicle’s owner’s manual. Here at Summit Ford, we make it easy for drivers to keep up to date with their service schedule. Continue reading to learn more about scheduled maintenance for Ford vehicles. 

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Why is Routine, Scheduled Maintenance Important? 

Ford models, like all modern vehicles, are made up of many working parts and mechanical systems that need to be cared for to ensure they’re working as intended. When drivers fail to take their vehicle in for regular service, the risk of experiencing a mechanical problem increases exponentially. To avoid problems on the road, Ford recommends vehicle owners regularly stop in to get their vehicle serviced by a team of factory-trained professionals. 

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When Should Ford Owners Stop in for Oil and Filter Changes?

Here at Summit Ford, we often receive questions from drivers who want to know how long they can go between oil or filter changes. According to Ford of Canada, both services should occur every six months or 8,000 kilometres—whichever comes first. Failure to take your vehicle in for an oil change or filter replacement may result in worse fuel economy and performance, as well as engine damage. 

What is the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor?

Newer Ford vehicles feature an Intelligent Oil Life Monitor system. This monitoring system actively alerts the driver when it’s time to go in for an oil change. The Intelligent Oil Life Monitor activates when the vehicle’s oil is at the last 5% of its remaining lifespan, meaning drivers should make plans to get their oil changed in a timely manner. 

Why Go to Summit Ford for Your Service Needs? 

Drivers wondering where to go for quality Ford service and maintenance in Toronto should book an appointment with Summit Ford. Our team of factory-trained technicians have the knowledge, expertise, and resources needed to keep your Ford vehicle running well for years to come. We only use authentic, official Ford parts, guaranteed to work and function properly with your Ford model of choice. 

Book a Service Appointment With Our Team 

Drivers can schedule a service appointment with the Summit Ford team right here on our website. Have any questions for the Summit Ford team? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team via our contact page, or by giving us a call at (416) 741 – 6221.