Vehicle Detailing at Summit Ford 

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The team here at Summit Ford can help drivers keep their vehicle in peak condition. Summit Ford offers a variety of vehicle detailing services, allowing drivers to keep their vehicle looking its best. Wondering what vehicle detailing entails, and why so many drivers make it part of their routine maintenance calendar? Below, we’ve highlighted all the important information drivers need to know about getting their vehicle detailed at Summit Ford. 

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What Does Vehicle Detailing Include? 

Vehicle detailing is different from similar car washing services because of its thoroughness. An automotive professional will meticulously clean your vehicle, with the goal of making it look as close to mint condition as possible. While most traditional car-washing services only include an exterior cleaning, many automotive detailing services include both exterior and interior work. 

Why Is Vehicle Detailing Important? 

While many vehicle owners think of vehicle detailing as an exclusively cosmetic service, keeping your vehicle clean does have its benefits. Performing regular, professionally-done deep–cleans of a vehicle can increase its lifespan. Over time, dust and similar contaminants can wear away at your vehicle’s various parts and components. Keeping your vehicle clean and in good condition will also help the vehicle maintain its resale value! 

Vehicle Cleaning Tips  

Vehicle owners interested in vehicle detailing services should note that there are plenty of ways they can keep their vehicle looking great between washes. Notable car cleaning and care tips include: 

  • Dust off the vehicle’s electronic components with an air compressor 
  • Clean out dirt and dust that has accumulated on the seats. 
  • Use dedicated automotive cleaning products to clean spills and get rid of stains. 
  • Make sure your air filter is regularly replaced to reduce dirt and debris build-up. 

Get Your Vehicle Detailed at Summit Ford

Summit Ford, located at 12 Carrier Drive in Toronto, can help drivers with all their vehicle detailing needs. Have any questions about our detailing services? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by giving us a call at (416) 741 – 6221.