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Extended warranty plans are a convenient way for drivers to continue protecting their vehicle purchase, even after their original warranty ends. At Summit Ford, drivers can choose from a variety of extended warranty protection plans to make sure they get the right coverage for their individual needs and preferences. Below, we’ve broken down all the information drivers need to know about purchasing an extended warranty for their Ford vehicle.

Why Extended Warranty Coverage Is Important

Vehicle owners who choose to expand their coverage by purchasing an extended warranty are shielding themselves from the rising cost of repairs. No matter how careful a driver is when operating their vehicle, mechanical and electrical failures are bound to occur over time. When covered by an extended warranty plan, drivers won’t have to worry about the high cost of these repairs as their vehicle ages.




What Can Extended Warranty Plans Cover?

Different extended warranty plans cover different aspects of vehicle maintenance, protection, and care. Extended warranties can cover repairs for common mechanical issues, electrical problems, or damage caused by common road hazards. Plans also exist that provide emergency roadside assistance, providing drivers with additional peace of mind and options in the event something unexpected happens during travel.




Maintenance Made Easy

With extended warranty coverage, drivers who wish to keep their vehicle well beyond the coverage of their original manufacturer’s warranty won’t have to worry about budgeting for expensive repairs over time. Modern vehicles are made up of many intricate components and parts, which can be costly to repair when they inevitably degrade and fail over time. With extended warranty coverage, drivers can drastically reduce the overall cost of their vehicle’s maintenance.




Purchase an Extended Warranty Plan at Summit Ford

Interested in purchasing an extended warranty plan here at Summit Ford? Our team is also available to help vehicle owners explore their options, or to answer any questions they may have about extended warranty coverage. Drivers can learn more about purchasing an extended warranty by putting in a request via the form below. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as they’re available.




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