Finance Department


Front side view of a F-150 Lightning pulling a camper in a forest environment

When you decide to purchase or lease

your new or pre-owned vehicle from Summit Ford, you’re not only getting the right vehicle, but you’ll be getting that vehicle in the right way. Our certified Financial Services Managers can help you fill out a credit statement to ensure you get all of the best rates and terms that are available to you, even if you have challenged credit that you are trying to rebuild.

For the majority of our customers, a vehicle is often their second biggest investment so we offer a variety of ways to protect that investment:

Ford Maintenance Protection Plan (FMPP):

Everyone has to do maintenance on their vehicle; sometimes it’s an oil change, sometimes it’s wiper blades, and sometimes it’s brakes…routine maintenance can be costly, and can sometimes be unexpected. This program allows to pre-pay for all of your routine maintenance on a new Ford as outlined by the factory for up to 7 years…not only will it save you a ton of money vs pay-as-you-go but all of your maintenance will simply be part of your monthly payment, and you won’t have to pay out of pocket!

Extended Warranty Products:

Every new Ford vehicle comes with a 3 year or 60,000km comprehensive warranty. This warranty covers over 15,000 mechanical and high-tech components; basically everything except your routine maintenance items. Additionally, there is a 5 year or 100,000km warranty that is limited to covering the powertrain (internal engine components, transmission, and front/rear wheel drive). For our low mileage leasing customers, sometimes the factory warranty is enough coverage. What we’ve found is that most of our customers tend to keep their vehicles between 5-7 years, and drive between 25-30,000km per year and this leaves without any warranty coverage often for the times when they need it most. Factory studies have shown that as a vehicle ages, there tends to be a gradual increase in repairs as parts start to wear. Our program eliminates the high cost of repairs, and gives our customers piece of mind.

Credit Protection:

As we mentioned above, a vehicle is often our customer’s second biggest investment next to their home. All of the major mortgage companies currently recommend, and some even require some form of credit protection. We currently offer Life, Sickness and Injury, and Critical Illness credit protection. These valuable products secure your loan, and protect you, your family, and your credit when you need it most.